All students of Port Authority Girls’ High School should maintain some rules and regulations. There are as follows-

  • Students should maintain time table. In 7.45 a.m the assembly starts and students must attend it. If they fail they will be punished.
  • School classes start on 8 a.m and breaks up on 1.20 p.m. There is a 20 minutes interval from 11.30 a.m to 11.50 a.m. The duration of each class is one hour.
  • Students must attend the school regularly. If they are absent without permission they will be fined by 5 BDT.
  • Students must put on school uniform. They can not use any ornaments and taking money with them.
  • If any student fails in two times in a class she is given force T.C.
  • In a year Guardian meetings are held two times for a class. one is before half yearly examination and other is before annual examination.
  • Students must keep herself and also their class neat and clean. They should use their washroom perfectly.